Book One: The Hanson Legacy

Book One: The Hanson Legacy


"Cocheta" is a Native American word meaning "That you cannot imagine," an appropriate name for America's "blackest" research facility. Hidden inside a mountain in a remote and inhospitable region of the frigid Canadian Rockies, the massive complex is a high-tech laboratory for a handful of the most brilliant minds on earth. Together, they struggle to understand and duplicate exotic extraterrestrial technology before America's enemies do... or before an unspeakable horror arrives from deep space.

Benjamin Hanson, PhD is the project's greatest resource... and a dying man. His ultimate goal: unite the world in developing a defense against what he believes to be a coming invasion. To make it happen, he needs a clever plan. One that will topple a well-established culture of secrecy, allow him to evade those who watch his every move and neutralize a ruthless bureaucrat before the cruel tentacles of incurable cancer rob him of his life.

The Hanson Legacy chronicles Ben Hanson's life, from a humble childhood in a rural Oklahoma town to top scientist in a government facility so buried in the "black project" realm that most Presidents since Harry Truman were never briefed on it. Dr. Hanson's tormentor, Louis Hastings, an evil, self-absorbed Washington bureaucrat determined to keep secret the other-worldly horrors hidden in Cocheta Mountain... and a rash of lethal "accidents" involving more than a dozen retired project scientists. The fate of the entire planet might very well rest on the success or failure of Dr. Hanson's most vital, and final mission of his life.

Sacrifice, devotion, duty, honor... and a timeless, beautiful love story that endures vicious tragedy and desolate separation. The Hanson Legacy completely transcends the Sci-Fi genre and will leave you anxiously waiting for Book Two: The Hanson Conundrum!


"The story grabbed me by the throat from the first page and left me almost breathless until the exciting climactic scenes. The characters are strong, superbly developed and totally believable... If you read this book, make sure you have a long flight or a few free days ahead of you

--- you won’t be able to put it down!"

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Book Two: The Hanson Conundrum
Fall 2012

Dr. Benjamin Harris Hanson is laid to rest and the world he left behind shudders from his legacy. Politicians bitterly fight amongst themselves about the significance of Hansons' frightening revelations and what to do about the ultra-secret facility he worked in. Ben Hanson’s brilliant daughter, Dr. Donna Hanson, is chosen to lead the troubled Project Cocheta. Soon after her appointment, America’s intensely guarded nuclear weapons stockpile is suddenly compromised by an alien aircraft and a series horrific disasters occur around the world. The incidents seem to be completely unrelated to each other....

...but are they?

The answer awaits mankind on a still, high desert night, 75 miles northwest of Las Vegas…


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